The RAW Truth

I thought I would share this compelling *RAW FOODS CLEANSE* story of mine, as most of us are suffering or at some point in time, have suffered from toxic pollutants from the environment and through the foods that we consume on a daily basis that brought about some sort of ailment and/or disease. Detoxing and/or cleansing our body is a sure way to go if you’re looking to renew your health to its Divine wholesome state. The benefits of doing so is insurmountable to mention here, but be rest assured that you will be so glad that you decided to do the best thing there is to do for your body – detoxing and/or cleansing it.
I remember the very first time I did my cleanse, and that was almost 2 decades ago, and of course, when I first came to this country, I came with absolutely beautiful skin, but then after experiencing the shocking and toxic reality of the environment, water, air, and foods, my body started to react negatively to it all. My skin on my face broke out in pimples and then on to acne. My body went into a complete state of shock that landed me in the emergency room, where I was stuck with needles, and no kidding, like 20 times by a doctor to extract blood  in attempts in trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I then broke out into itchy rashes all over my body and that I believe came about from the penicillin that was given to me at that point in time. They thought it was chicken pox, but they came to realize that it wasn’t at all, but as frozen as I was in body and speech, I knew exactly what was happening to me, but my entire body was on lock down where no blood could be drawn and no speech could be made for about 3 or so days. So, getting blood from my veins to run lab tests was not an option that was available to them for me. So, for three days, I was locked inside my body, where I couldn’t speak and/or move any part of my self. I felt like a foreign invasion had taken over my body, even though, on my green card, I was the one classified as a “Permanent Resident *Alien*”. I felt quite the opposite, that the alien or foreign environment was the one where I now call home – America.
I came back to full mobility and speech on the third day, after they’d pumped me up with penicillin and other meds, in which I learned later was even more toxic than one could ever imagine. They did this in trying to find out what was this unusual thing that was happening to me and that was so new and unknown to their medical expertise. They thought it was measles, and for the least of concern and safety for me and more so for them, they injected me with penicillin, and again, as I’ve mentioned previously, my body broke out into rashes that scarred my feet and that I had to work extremely hard for years in trying to repair it. They thought it was tuberculosis. They thought it was many things in which was not near the truth of it all for proper diagnosis. They were left baffled in what to do to treat me.
Anyhoo, on the third day, when I could speak and move my body again, by some light of sheer miracle – thank God, I spoke and told them what I believed was wrong with me. I told them that I came from an environment, where I pretty much lived a natural lifestyle as a vegan, a vegetarian for the most part of my childhood life, where if I did eat meat that it was freshly butchered and or caught that same day, that I had fresh air, pure water from the Earth, freshly prepared foods each day from the garden, etc., and it was a definite immaculate view, easy-going, stress free life on the island – it’s absolutely beautiful and picturesque! I didn’t say those things in those exact words, but those were the facts I explained to them in less elaborate terms, as I was only age 11 at the time when all of those things happened to me. What was happening to me was that I was taken out of an all natural-organic environment to now live in one that was toxic to all of my senses: sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch, that it threw my body into a complete shock and negative reaction.
 Subsequently to those facts, when I was released from the hospital upon the 5th day, I knew I had to do something different with my life. I knew I had to at least begin eating the way that I’m used to living back home in Jamaica. It wasn’t until I was 18 years of age, after trying just about every facial mask, skin cream, etc. available to me, in attempts to get my skin back to its flawless state, that I realized those products definitely weren’t the answer afterall. It was then that I ran into Tracy, my sons’ aunt, that I came back to live the way I used to live on the island, as she was a vegan, who ate only organic-natural foods through Whole Foods Market, back then known as “Fresh Fields”, local health food stores, and/or some sort of co-op/wholesale farmland in Philadelphia, that shipped out in bulk to folk’s home if the total amounted to $800 or more, products that are organic and natural interchangeably, free of pesticides, hormones, harmful preservatives, artificial flavorings, colorings, etc. It was then that I got introduced to the *RAW FOODS CLEANSE*, that I did for a dramatic one whole month the first time around, because I was that determined to get my skin back to normal.
Tracy taught me about all that I needed to do, like preparation of the salads, juicing, making smoothies, eating of raw whole nuts and grains, refraining from all cooked foods, dairy, and meats during the cleanse/detox period. The fact that I shouldn’t drink faucet water unless it had a filter system on it, and then on top of it, boiled and then cooled off for drinking and cooking. Well, I was horrified about all the negative facts that I learned about the foods that I and my family and everyone else was eating, that was harming our health, the environment, etc. So, around Fall of 1995, I began this self-healing journey of mine. I learned of all the toxins in the environment that I read through books that Tracy had given to me to read about health and detoxing, and it blew my mind! I was stunned at the shocking details in which I found out about regarding the detriments of our health and environment through the foods that are produced and that we consume, both internally and externally. So, that’s when I began my detox/cleansing journey and haven’t stopped since then. I’m so glad that I listened, watched, learned, and applied, because it was through showing much discipline in committing to stick with the cleanse through the entire 31-days, that I saw all those dramatic and absolutely favorable results. To the contrary and prior to those awesome results, I had spent countless of my hard earned dollars in trying to repair my skin with products that had even more harmful ingredients than I had known and that were also contributing to even more of my then breakouts.
 Yippee!!! What a victory! 🙂 . I was so happy with the results! Yes, I was meagerly thin, as I was already a size 2, and I pretty much dropped down to nothing, but it was so worth the temporary decline for an absolute incline that awaited me at the end of 31-days –  my skin was clear and glowed like the morning sun. The pupil of my eyes even brighter/whiter as they were prior to that attack on my body. I was more energetic than before, my hair grew like wildfire, and it was full of body and had a natural sheen/shine to it. I felt light as a feather, as if I could walk on air. I had mental clarity and agility, etc., etc. The results were endless and most beneficial! So, it is why I now share this story with you, that you too can now share with your friends and loved ones!
 So, do it! You’ll be extremely glad that you did! It could be the answer to your prayers regarding weight and/or health issues that you might be experiencing in your life right now.
 Additionally, if you’d like to add an extra boost of organic goodness to your detox/cleanse or as a daily healthy lifestyle regime, try out Miessence ‘s *Vitality Challenge* at or with their absolutely healthy and organic “Superfoods”, like their *Deep Green Alkalizing Superfood* at . The key is to build an alkalized body system that will keep us in a state of optimum health, instead of an acidic one that causes inflammation and other serious ailments and diseases within our bodies.
Best wishes! Peace, blessings, and Divine health to you! Your journey to healing yourself begins now, when you make the conscious decision to do so, but sooner is absolutely better than later, as tomorrow is never promised. Chow and take care of yourselves until next time!
 Sanyo Louise

*Please feel free to ask questions and/or leave comments. I would be more than happy to respond.


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Peace + Blessings


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A Mother’s Love!

Chloe & Isabel Collage3   At Home Mother's Day   Chloe & Isabel Collage1

A mother’s love is priceless, never-ending, and unconditional! It never goes out of season! It is always there, ready to soothe, nuture, uplift, chastize lovingly when you’re wrong. A mother’s love is encouraging – cheering you on to bigger and better things! It is the sort of love that is like that of our Creator – always present, patient, and welcomes you in with open arms! Like a Divine guidance, a mother’s love is there to catch you when you fall and to guide your will in getting back up!

You can always go to your mother to share your secrets with her, to get great advice about life. Someone that’ll say to you all the right things that matters when you’re not feeling so great about yourself. Your mother is truly the one that will forever adore you and have your best interest at heart, no matter what may come your way. She’s like the warrior princess, Zena, ready to stand in your defense, to protect you from all that will to harm you. Yet, she’s wise enough to give you a little tough love along the way – telling you the truth with love.

A mother’s love is the type of love that’ll go hungry for you, as I had to do on a few occasions in the past, being a single mom trying to make ends meet – penny pinching is what I called it. It was either me or them, and I chose to sacrifice my desire to eat for their need to be fed, and so I went without, eating only what was left over after they were fed and full. It is this sort of love that is truly powerful and endearing and that’ll give a child the confidence it needs to courageously and bravely take on the world, with a wise set of eyes, from all the wisdom that was instilled in you from you were a child at home. It is this same love that I have for my sons, especially when they were just a babe, more so with my first born, as a new mom! I simply couldn’t imagine anyone hurting him or them, because as someone who’s experienced the hang-ups and bang-ups of life, I know just how painful that can be. So, I want to spare them that sort of pain, and in the process of it all, of wanting to be the best mom I could be, I kind of became the overly protective mother, laughing out loud at this one!  🙂 I wanted to be sure to shield them from any unnecessary hurt and pain that may come their way! I looked on with a careful eye over them. I made sure all of their needs were met and wanted to ensure that their future were going to be just as secure and bright as I had envisioned it. So, I began praying and asking the Lord to see me through, to give me the strength to endure and to help me in accomplishing the things that I needed to do in making sure that, one, their lives would reflect that of His own and that they would walk steadfastly in His path; two, that I would be so loving, of a mother, that they wouldn’t feel like there was anything lacking and/or missing in their lives, as I was and still is a single mom to them; and last, that He (the Lord) would help me in protecting them from the ills of the world, and if it’s ok to say so, it’s just what the Lord has done! He has provided, protected, and guided! It is that sort of unquestionable love that a mother holds too for her child(ren)! Though, sometimes it may not be all peaches and cream; there will be some bumps in the road. However, knowing and/or acknowledging where you are in error as a human being and being sincerely remorseful about it, will pardon you and move you onto becoming a better mom each day!

No one is perfect! We all make mistakes.  So, if you have a mother that is not being quite the mother one would expect her to be, show her some love anyway. Be that undying love that she should have been for you. To say the least, life has a funny way of twisting things around, reversing the role play, and sometimes a child enters our lives to be that lesson we’ve missed along the way into becoming adults, that may have thrown you into a downward spiral to nowhere land. So be ready to listen, mothers. Our children have a voice too, and they have something rather important to say that could change your life for the absolute better. However, that doesn’t mean that all of a sudden, you become the child and the child the parent. No, not ever – that is not meant to be. Simply put, know that “Each one teaches one” and that we are all entangled and connected in this web of learning called life. It is also important to know that our children can bring out the worst in us, and in that moment, don’t have ill feelings toward your child; instead, have faith and trust in knowing that your child is a blessing and was placed in your life for a reason, to eventually bring out the best in you, by helping you to get over your shortcomings in becoming a better you, a better mom someday soon! So, be understanding, loving, forgiving, and kind and know that love in its purest form is undying and unfailing and can transform you into something beautiful beyond all measures!

Nonetheless, love is an unmatched force and can set things right! So with that, mothers should be celebrated everywhere and everyday in life, but we’ve come to one particular day in that celebration of our mothers and that is Mother’s Day, May 12, 2013, and it is fast approaching! Before you know it, April will be over and May will have arrived! So, what a totally beautiful way to say I love you to your mother this Mother’s Day, by gifting her with something breathtakingly beautiful, without breaking the bank, than with At Home’s *Hearted Vase of Love* (see link below to purchase), a cast iron/glass beauty that you can adorn with some gorgeous rose stems and/or any flower(s) of your choice! It’ll truly be an absolutely beautiful way to say I love you to your mom this Mother’s Day! Additionally, you can get your mom something that is every woman’s favorite, a gorgeous piece of jewelry, and you can do so over at Bling Maven! There are many gorgeous pieces to choose from! There you’ll find some vintage and modern pieces that’ll suit your mom’s style to the “t”! So go on over to their site and check it all out! I’ve posted some pics for you to see just what I mean and the links below that’ll take you to it all! Remember, love is not just what you say, it is in what you do! So, show your mom some love  and shower her with gifts that’ll truly take her breath away and warm her heart, as it will yours too in giving!

Happy shopping and have a wonderful day!

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A More Healthy & Beautiful You!


Juicing and blending to a more healthy and beautiful you!

Juicing and blending your way to health and beauty is so super sexy and smart! You want to be sure that you are getting all of those rich and healthy and live vitamins and minerals that your body needs on a daily basis! It’s really easy. Just get up a few minutes early in the morning to off-set the time you normally do to get ready for the day, wash some fruits of your choice, be it frozen and/or fresh – my preference, pop them into the blender with some purified water. If you wish, you can even add some organic orange juice, cranberry, and/or pomegranate juice to it, with some wheat germ powder and flax seed oil, for some additional healthy benefits and just simply blend away! It’ll give you the healthy start that you need to have for each day, providing you that boost of energy to get through it all.

In the afternoon, an hour or two, before or after dinner, do some juicing of vegetables. If you’re home during the day, lunch time would be a great time for doing some juicing. My favorite juicing recipe is what I call, “Health & Beauty Booster”, consisting of organic carrots, beets, celery, apple, and a hint of ginger to top it off – truly delicious, and you’ll feel the difference instantly as it makes its way down to your digestive system. It was this very same recipe I juiced faithfully, for a month, after giving birth via c-section to my third son, because the doctors told me that I had lost a significant amount of blood during surgical delivery and that I was fairly anemic and would need to rebuild my blood quickly. It was either going to be by the pharmaceutical iron supplement that they’d prescribed to me, which holds unnatural preservatives, flavors, coloring, fillers, etc. in them, that would be harmful, not only to me but to my newborn babe as well, as I had planned well in advance to breastfeed, and I wanted to be sure that I was going to be doing it the absolute best way. So, I made sure whatever entered my body was going to be the best for both mom and child. It’s that kind of self and selfless love that really makes a tremendous difference in our lives and that of others to whom we hold near and dear to our hearts, or generally, for those around us who care to live a healthy lifestyle.

Anyway, to say the least, after juicing the above mentioned veggies, for a month, I was able to move from being fairly anemic to not at all. I returned to the doctor at that time, and I was retested and told, “Wow, you’re back to normal again”. I was so thrilled, and my confidence in the healing and beautifying properties of herbs, fruits, and veggies, grew ten fold than before! I say beautifying, because while I was doing my juicing and blending for a month’s time, I noticed my hair grew and was full of body and gained a natural shine to it; my nails also grew and were much more strong than before, and last, my skin radiated like the morning sun, blemishes that I had cleared up entirely, and my skin all over was more supple, silky smooth, and firm. As an added bonus, juicing straight, for one month, allowed me to lose the fifty to sixty pounds of baby fat I had gained while pregnant – that was a super bonus I should say!!! Mind you though, that in that process of what I call, “Purge To Heal”, I also engaged in only eating raw foods – meaning salads, nuts, grains; of course, fruits and veggies too. Additionally, I did a warm bath each weekend on Saturdays, while the children were asleep (my alone time), with detoxifying bath salts from Carols Daughter, namely so, “Clear Mind”, “Detox”, “Ocean”, etc. (btw, they no longer carry them – bummer!) . Needless to say, I drove all the way to Brooklyn, New York to get it all, because at the time, “Carols Daughter” was just up and coming and didn’t yet have online ordering for their store, and I was blessed enough or should I say, Divinely guided in finding them during my search on the web for all-natural skin and body products, and I’m so glad I found them, because they were and have been a true blessing to my bath, hair, and body daily regime!

Anyhoo, on top of it all, drinking herbal teas and plenty of water was and still is apart of it all, and with a combination of all mentioned, I was truly able to transform my body: skin, hair, and nails, into something tremendously beautiful and healthy, and so can you! So, begin today and get what you need to make it happen and just do it – no excuses! Just schedule in the time to do it and simply begin the process to a more healthy and beautiful you! xoxoxo!

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Trending Baubles And Beauty!

Younique Me1Younique Mineral Pigment1Sanyo Louise Blog

Be sure to get in the green this year! It’s inviting, fresh, rich, soothing, and alluring! So, take a look at just how pretty accentuating and classy the color green can be to brown eyes and beyond, not only that, but it’ll have others green with envy at you for being bold enough to give it a try when it comes to accentuating with makeup and gorgeous accessories! In picture #1 above is Younique’s all-natural “Moodstruck Mineral Pigment” eye shadows, by name “Empowered” + “Dignified” +”Curious”,” including “Devious” as the eyeliner! It was finished off with their “3D Fiber Lashes”, that gives your very own lashes up to a 300% increase in volume and length. Picture #2 also showcases some of the same colors, along with “Sexy” + “Daring”! You can get them and more at  Additionally, there are some great green baubles over at Jewelry Maven, that’ll allow you to embrace the color of the year with much grace and style! You can go from being a classic-vintage beauty to Bohemian-chic and mondernly -you in no time! Just mix and match, and don’t be afraid to let your arm have its own party, by pairing quite a few styles in the same shade of greens together! It’ll give you that cool/sweet edge that’ll amp up your outfit and take it to the next level. So, be sure to checkout all those great bauble beauties while there! Go to!

Alright! Don’t forget to have much fun being in-the-green this year!